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Hot News

Hot News

New Character Loot DLC Now Available in Advanced Warfare (Supply Drops)

New Character Loot Now Available Advanced Warfare

New Character loot is now available in Supply Drops to customise your character even more. The image above shows just one example of this; Elite Nigerian Commander. It’s available as a free gift to all players between Wednesday, Nov. 26th starting at 12PM PT till Monday, Dec. 1st at 9AM PT. This is a really great idea to keep the Online Multiplayer fresh. Not only ... Read More »

BAL-27 Gun Nerfed (Patch) – Advanced Warfare Online

BAL-27 Advanced Warfare Nerfed

The BAL-27 is being nerfed on Advanced Warfare Online Multiplayer, the patch is already LIVE on Xbox 360 and it’s on it’s way to update the other systems (Xbox One, PS4, PS3 and PC). After testing at the shooting range (15m distance) the original BAL-27 which came with the game at the start hit 32/32 (100% accuracy), it basically had no ... Read More »

Best Advanced Warfare Custom Class Setup – BAL-27 Gun

Advanced Warfare Best Custom Class

Here’s the best class setup based on fan opinions from the game. We’ll be trying to put the pick 13 points system for the optimal class. Gun: BAL-27 with Attachments Stock (Move faster when aiming down the sights) Foregrip (Vertical Foregrip for reduced recoil) Quickdraw Grip (Aim down the sights faster) To take a third attachment you will need to ... Read More »

Advanced Wafare Xbox 360 & PS3 Spawn Glitch Fix Update now LIVE

Advanced Warfare Spawn Glitch Update Xbox 360 PS3

Finally a new update has been released on Xbox 360 and PS3. It has fixed the glitch of the game freezing when choosing a custom class or being stuck in spectator mode. High Moon Studio’s are the official developers for the Xbox 360 and PS3 version but Michael Condrey from Sledgehammer Games has been keeping everyone up to date. Here are ... Read More »

Xbox 360 & PS3 Patch Update Part 2 now LIVE

Cod AW PS3 Xbox 360 update

Update: Users are indicating that there is an issue with this patch. Players seem to choose their class online but the game freezes before spawning. Comment below if you’re experiencing this. We’ll update you with more information when we have it. Activision Support: We are aware that some players are unable to select a Custom Class when beginning a Multiplayer match of ... Read More »

Map Glitch Hot Fix including Horizon (Xbox One & PS4)

infected horizon glitch

The glitches in maps exploited by some players has been fixed on Xbox One & PS4. The update rolling out will make it so it is not possible in future for players to get in these position. The fixes are listed below: Atlas Gorge – Momentum – Adjusted spawn locations. Biolab – Crane Wash – The Aerial Assault Drone out ... Read More »