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Call of Duty 2015 Treyarch News – World at War 2 or BlackOps 3?

Call of Duty 2015 Treyarch News – World at War 2 or BlackOps 3?

It’s that time of year again when rumours start surfacing about the next Call of Duty in 2015. We know it’s being developed by Treyarch and will include Zombies, but the title or time period it’s set in has not been officially confirmed.

It seems a COD set in World War 2 is the most popular option from the fans, a follow on from World at War. Many have said they see this as a more realistic game and less overpowered, not to mention the return of the real Nazi Zombies!

Although there have been rumours for both World at War 2 and BlackOps 3, it seems World at War is the more likely. The image above was released by Raj Patel, the Xbox community manager. It was later said not to be official by him, but this could have easily been a cover-up for releasing such sensitive information so early.

The image includes morse code around the roman numerals II. The II could imply World at War 2, whereas the morse code translates to “Presented by Xbox, 10am PDT, 1pm EST, May 4th 2015”. This is the exact date the website counts down to.

Here’s another image from Treyarch’s recent announcement at DICE 2015. The shadow looks to be stumbling like a zombie, with a hat much like the style of World War 2.

World at War 2 Call of Duty

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