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How to find the Exo Suit in Exo Zombies Advanced Warfare

Here’s how to and where to find the Exo Suit in Exo Zombies.

This should be your first goal as it will make it a lot easy for you. Follow the steps below:

STEP 1: When you’re initially outside open up the door to the main up

STEP 2: Once you’re inside open up the door to the right (A hallway)

STEP 3: Run down that hallway (there is a mystery box down it if you’re quick)

STEP 4: Then take a left down a blue curvy tunnel

STEP 5: Go forward up some small stairs and then up some bigger stairs to your left

STEP 6: Follow to Exo Suit signs where you’ll come to a door which you’ll have to pay 1250 credits

STEP 7: You’re in the Exo Suit room, drop down right below you and activate the generator

STEP 8: Walk up to the Exo Suit machine after it opens up and hold X

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