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AE4 / Widowmaker Weapon – Early Access Season Pass Owners

AE4 / Widowmaker Weapon – Early Access Season Pass Owners

Xbox One and Xbox 360 Advanced Warfare Season Pass owners will get early access to the base AE4 weapon and the custom version ‘Widowmaker’ weapon on December 11th (Thursday). This is an ‘energy directed Assault Rifle’. For non season pass owners it will be available in the first DLC called Havoc coming in January on Xbox Live. This is also reported to be the DLC where the new Zombies game mode will become available.

Havoc, the first DLC pack for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, is set to release early next year. This pack will come with an all-new weapon, the AE4 directed energy Assault Rifle. The AE4 combines a versatile firing mechanism with all-around movement speed and handling. In addition to the base weapon, the AE4 Widowmaker custom variant will also be included.As a bonus to Xbox Season Pass holders, you’ll receive early access to the AE4 and the AE4 Widowmaker starting December 11th. Don’t worry if you’ll be receiving Season Pass during the holidays; anyone that gets an Xbox 360 or Xbox One Season Pass after the 11th will gain instant access to both weapons.

– Activison (Call of Duty)

No news on PSN or PC yet but we will update you when any information surfaces.

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  1. i hate that PS players have to wait a month for dlc. :(

  2. is there anything that will show all upgrade/downgrade icons for weapons?

  3. I have the season pass on the 360 and downloaded season pass on xbox one but cant get the new dlc ? Can anyone help?

  4. Still No guns unlocked and i’m a season pass holder. It’s been 19 hours since release time

  5. I bought and paid for season pass. Entered the code & still havnt got it. This is on PS3 in the UK. Anybody else got this issue or how to fix it?

  6. I still haven’t unlocked this for XB1 and I’m a Season Pass Holder yet I have the gun for Xbox 360 I sent an Email to Sledgehammer Games about this and I am still waiting for a reply, this needs sorting…. Fast

  7. my friend gameshared me the season pass on ps3, nothing works on mine, it says usable ON 2 SYSTEMS not 1!

  8. I hold a season pass for ps3 and have heard that the ae4 widowmaker is available today to download?
    Has anybody been able to download it for ps3 yet as there isnt an option showing up anywhere other than create a class but when i go there it says that i have to download the season pass which i have already done, then it directs me to the store where there is no content available for download??????

  9. I have PS3 and bought my season pass digitally from the PS store and they gave me the atlas gorge map but no early access to the AE4 yet, It still shows the padlock over the gun and says to go to the store to buy with nothing showing a gun in the store.

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