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BAL-27 Nerfed & SMGs Buffed Weapons / Guns Advanced Warfare

BAL-27 Nerfed & SMGs Buffed Weapons / Guns Advanced Warfare

Update: Details below have now been officially confirmed.

Here are the full details of the recent Advanced Warfare patch on Xbox One & PS4 – Click Here.

Although this isn’t official yet, after some testing we can see the BAL-27 Assault Rifle has been nerfed and the SMGs have been buffed (especially the ASM1).

December 4th Update Official Changes:

  • Bal27: damage reduced, max damage range decreased, recoil adjusted
  • HBRa3: max damage range decreased
  • ASM1: max damage range increased
  • MP11: max damage range increased
  • EM1: damage increased
  • EPM3: damage increased, ads time decreased
  • XMG: damage increased, lockdown mode increased
  • Ameli: damage increased
  • Pytaek: damage increased

Comment below with your thoughts on this, these are official changes!

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  1. Can you Degrade the damage on the Em1??
    its way to powerful already

  2. OMG how can you possibly increase the damage on the EM1. Its way to powerful as it is.

  3. Increased damage on the EM1? hahaha I don’t care necessarily but that doesn’t seem like a smart move. The EM1 was perfectly fine as it was.

    Looking forward to trying out the SMG changes. I love my SMGs.

    I see there’s only mention of PS4 and Xbox One but not PC. =p

  4. Are you trying to destroy an already shit game? people are boycotting your game because of one update. good job Sledgehammer!

  5. Come on bal and hbra3. wTf!!!!!! I going back to ghost!!!

  6. im ready to put aw in the bin, not a good game by cod standards, supply drops are a good idea in theory but if im being punished for not being shit you can shove it up your arse

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