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Advanced Warfare Campaign Review (Player Perspective) No Spoilers

Advanced Warfare Campaign Review (Player Perspective) No Spoilers

Here’s a player written campaign review for Call of Duty Advanced Warfare (No Spoilers).

The year is 2054….Private Jack Mitchell and his fellow squad mates are engaged in an epic battle against North Korea. With the passing of one his squad mates, Private Mitchell could not have foreseen the events that would unfold before him, or the opportunities that he would encounter in the years to come.

The game is set in a futuristic society where countries are waging war, and one man, Jonathan Irons (voiced by Kevin Spacey), is selling his private military services to the highest bidder, but does Irons have a more sinister ulterior motive than just helping those that need his military might?

Unlike the government we don’t keep secrets of our capabilities. We don’t sell policy, we sell power. We are a super power for hire!

– Jonathan Irons (CEO of ATLAS)

I have been playing Call of Duty since 2005 and have played every iteration of the game, and I can say that I was excited when I learned about Advanced Warfare. The trailer alone had me wanting more. The excitement was NOT overhyped, and COD: Advanced Warfare delivered in every aspect of the single player campaign.

Very few games have invoked an emotional response in my long gaming history, however COD:AW did exactly that. I found myself feeling the emotions of the players during the several story cut scenes in the game, in particular the first mission cut scene of Will’s funeral. The campaign cut scenes and game play have you forgetting at times that you are playing a game. I found myself feeling as though I was not just watching a movie, but was a part of the story as well. Where so many games have come close, COD:AW got it right on the mark for full story immersion.

As you progress through the story each mission equips you with the tools that you need to successfully complete the mission. By doing this COD:AW gives you a taste of all that can be used and done when you are playing the multiplayer aspect of the game, which I find lacking in some of the other games that have a multiplayer element to compliment the single player campaign. The game play throughout is fluid, the controls are easy to master while still allowing for personal finesse.

You will find yourself, as I did, hanging on the suspense of each cut scene and the subsequent mission that is to follow. Wanting to find out what happens next, where Private Mitchell will take you, where Jonathan Irons will send you, and what the outcome may be. The twists and turns in the story plot will have you yelling at the screen, as if your partners can hear you. You will find yourself on the edge of your seat, wanting more. You won’t want to put your controller down until you find out the climax of the story…which does not disappoint.

I give Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare a definite five out of five stars for awesome game play, story immersion, and overall awesomeness in game play and graphics!

Where will ATLAS take you? Where will you take ATLAS?

By – Tom
Xbox One Gamertag: TheDude042
Twitter: @TheDude042

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