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Best Advanced Warfare Custom Class Setup – BAL-27 Gun

Best Advanced Warfare Custom Class Setup – BAL-27 Gun

Here’s the best class setup based on fan opinions from the game. We’ll be trying to put the pick 13 points system for the optimal class.

Gun: BAL-27 with Attachments

  • Stock (Move faster when aiming down the sights)
  • Foregrip (Vertical Foregrip for reduced recoil)
  • Quickdraw Grip (Aim down the sights faster)

To take a third attachment you will need to activate Wildcard 1 (Primary Gunfighter)

Perks very much depend on which game mode you play. We’re choosing them on a quick and intense game mode such as Team Deathmatch.

Perk 1: Lightweight (Move Faster). This is important to have a physical advantage of your opponent and also getting in positions quickly. If you play domination we would choose Flak Jacket, purely for the extra health needed against a grenade when taking a flag or for a more covert game mode such as Search and Destroy we’d use Low Profile.

Perk 2: Gung-Ho (Fire while sprinting and sliding). This is another under-rated perk, in fast paced games this will help save you getting out gunned when moving round the map quickly. Cold-blooded is another good perk to consider and also Blind Eye if you are a less aggressive player.

Perk 3: Toughness (Flinch less when shot). This is another physical advantage and is perfect for aggressive players likely to receive the first hit. If you find yourself to be out of ammo quite often then choose Scavenger.

Perk 3 (With Perk 3 Greed Wildcard): Blast Suppressor (Invisible on mini-map when performing Exo moves). This is very important for players who use exo moves often but only when NOT playing hardcore game modes.

You should choose your scorestreaks purely based on what you are best at using, if you’re shorter game modes it would be an idea to change them to lower ones. Here’s ours:

Scorestreak 1: UAV (400) (Unmanned aerial vehicle that shows enemies on the mini-map). This is a great team scorestreak giving everyone an advantage, you also get UAV assists!

Scorestreak 2: Orbital Care Package (500) (A Care Package called in from orbit containing a random Scorestreak that has a chance of being the map streak). This is a bit of a gamble but can really pay off sometimes, the map streaks are often quite good and other streaks around this cost aren’t great.

Scorestreak 3: XS1 Goliath (775) (A manually polited suit of advanced armour with heavy weapons). Great for use on less open maps, especially in hardcore. Perfect to capture flags with on domination. If you’re confident and want to risk it we’d suggest going for the Paladin at a cost of 950.

We’ve left the Exo Ability selection clear as this isn’t always easy to know when to use and it runs out quickly. We’ve also left the Exo Launcher selection clear and haven’t chosen a second primary weapon.

Remember you can also improve this if you have a great BAL-27 Elite supply drop variant, especially if you wanted to add a sight on to it as well.

What are your thoughts on this Class, would you change anything?

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