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Advanced Warfare Issues which STILL need fixing

Advanced Warfare Issues which STILL need fixing

He’re we going to list all the Advanced Warfare Online Multiplayer issues which players have complained about but have not yet been fixed or changed.

  1. Nerf the BAL27 – Many players feel this weapon is overpowered
  2. Buff the SMGs
  3. Bring back player count so everyone knows how many people are playing from where
  4. Improve the spawn algorithm – players are spawning too close too enemies
  5. Increased % of dedicated servers
  6. In Lobby mute all button

Comment below with your thoughts and frequently requested features will be added to the list.

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  1. The ps3 killfeed is far too big and we need an in lobby mute all button

  2. Completely agree with all four of these points. I would also like to see a slight nerf in the AK12 and definitely a buff for the SMGs, especially the AMR9. Perhaps the EM1 and the EPM3 aswell, as they are completely useless.

  3. Buff SMGs and nerf BAL so we have variety of weapons in pubs and comp. And connection, still.

  4. Please Bring back LIVE STREAM ability please

  5. Livestream ability in game too and buff the ak12 just a little bit nerf the bal. Buff smgs fix spawns and thats about it

  6. When the bal 27 is nerfed please leave the recoil the same. Just nerf the damage and or the fire rate. When smgs are buffed could you increase the hip fire especially with the laser sight attachment and better at short range. Because I think smgs should win over an assault rifle at short range

  7. My ps3 freezes when i watch how i died in a kill cam. This doesnt happen everytime but when it does i have to turn off the ps3, Please fix this

  8. GLITCH Where you can get on the ROOF on RETREAT

  9. Getting kicked from Xbox live in the middle of the match. Game un playable

  10. Nobody is going to mention that a Millisecond from the EM1 kills you.

  11. The only people crying about the Bal is snipers that dont like being killed by it.

    • i dont ever snipe and i “cry” about it all the time dude.. its just way to OP. The high fire rate should make the gun have high recoil to compensate for the fire rate, but no.. its just a laser. The only people the want the gun to stay how it is, is the kids that have no gun skill and can’t control the recoil on other guns. Every gun needs a downside to it, and the Bal doesn’t have one.. Now its about to. thank god.

    • Youre wrong rob i cany kill a kid with a bal with nearly any gun and the only people who defend its use are people who lack gun skill also my line of logic for the mk14 which i hate to keep bringing up is its the last assault rifle unlocked and everyones confused why its so bad whereas the bal is the first and is devastatingly overpowered please fix the mk14 and bal as soon as possible o dont know how much more i can take. And id even say make shotguns better the s12 is a joke in this game and no joke getting killed from behind makes up 90% of my deaths fix spawns please

  12. I personally think scoreboard should have a hold option instead of toggle in game, this is annoying.

  13. Buff the MK14. Near as I can tell it’s a 4-5 shot kill at medium to long ranges and 3 shots up close.

  14. 100% buff the hell out of the SMGs because those things take like 4-5 bullets to kill close range and like 6 at long range.. lol its pathetic.

    Yes, the spawns are ass in this game so far, they definitely need some work.

    Also, yes to the MK14 being buffed. Not like as good as the FAL in bops2, but maybe like a 2 bullet kill if you’re up against someone, and 3-4 at a distance? idk, just rather it not be a 2 shot across the map. :)

  15. The EM1 is shit, and needs to be nerfed to shit. I didn’t see anyone using that OP thing until a few days ago, and now everyone’s using it. The snipers need to be nerfed, they aren’t as annoying as in BO2, but I see more snipers in this game than Ghosts which is annoying. Buff the SMGs, I don’t even use them because they’re so weak. FIX THE FUCKING KF5, EVERY TIME I USE THAT WEAPON THE SIGHT ALIGNERS GET IN MY WAY.

  16. Nerf – Sniper rifles slightly, EM1 ALOT
    Buff – SMGs, fix KF5 where the aligners don’t get in the way while shoots, make it more like the MP5 since all that weapon is is just a MP5 renamed. Fix Gung Ho, I don’t know why the hell when you ADS while running you do that weird pause, but it gets me killed alot. I don’t know if the perk is meant to be like that or what, but fix it if it’s not.

    • Gung Ho works when sprinting and sliding. If you ADS you stop sprinting. Gung Ho only allows for hip firing when sprinting/sliding. You are pausing b/c you are going ADS without Quickdraw grip.

  17. I linked my account just so i can say this please im begging you, i pride myself on semi auto weapons theyve always been my favorite so please make the mk14 more powerful even with my accuracy and if i get the first three shots i still get decimated by the bal or ak12 or even the Hb it should be in and ideal world a one to the head close 2 far 3 to the body it wouldnt be overpowered and only good players could use it, otherwise its pointless and endlessly frustrating against automatics please buff it in at least some way because im just one of many who believe it needs to be buffed, thank you.

  18. Also dont listen to the people who say the em1 is overpowered its really balanced but very hard to use at long range damage wise which shouldnt be because its a lazer gun and i havnt been able to use a cool lazer gun since goldneye so if anything buff the range damage slightly thanks again i really do wish u buff the mk14 more than anything

  19. Why ia the bal patch taking so long its still used by everyone and overpowered on xbox on e

  20. Lower fire rate on bal still over powered and extra damage for the mk14 go in a next gen lobby the mk is unusable against the bal and so many people feel the same way so idk why you guys and girls dont give it a one shot boost at least

  21. Spriting is also an issue. It toggles from sprinting to walking to easy on the PS4. Very frustrating and a lot of people are having this issue.

  22. Would be great if you could bring back Kills:Deaths:Assists stats, as well as move the Players List up top right like you had on Ghosts when you hit Menu button.

    The EM1’s and EPM3’s are way to powerful also. Especially for long distance. Pretty soon that will be all players use.
    Idea was not just over heating but maybe if used to long of a period could totally burn out (ie: like the guns run out of ammo) or if get to hot will explode and cause damage.

  23. Oh, forgot about not being able to exo dodge and reload. That is a major pain. Especially in the middle of heavy gun fire. Have to literally stop or hide to reload.

  24. Stop getting kicked for team killing with score streak kills in hardcore. There is no way to tell if you targeting a teammate or the enemy.

  25. The PS3 Killfeed also needs to be changed. So the font is like the PS4 version as well as size. The PS3 one is hideous and extremely distracting. Its just big fat block letters. What were Sledgehammer thinking when giving it the go ahead? Extremely disappointed, weirdly it actually puts me off playing the game lol. Really hope they fix it!!

  26. Hi
    my gripe is with getting kicked for team killing its a total joke how can you stop one of your team mates entering a room where you have just thrown a nade or its so inconsistant i was just playing where a team mate killed 2 of us and it was shown as the final kill cam or i have lost count of the amount of times i have been killed by a team mate and they never get kicked this game is absolute pants compared to the other COD games

    • You cant play hardcore the same as standard! Smarten your gameplay, dont use grenades or killstreaks like bombing run! Ok its annoying when you get killed by noob team m8s. Dont h8 and bitch adapt and play smart. Its good players get kicked 4 3team kills prevents game sabotages

      • Hi
        Appreciate what you are saying but this getting kicked for team killing is a joke i lost count the ammount of times i have been kicked because some noob runs in front of my gun when killing an opponent or its worse on the Lagos map when trying to catch flag B as they camp in the power room only way to dislodge them is with nades its then your damn team mates go charging in like headless chickens its all very well saying smarten your game buts what is the point of having nades or gun ships if you cant use them its all bloody nonsence

        • I feel your pain! When your 28-5 1st half of dom and you get kicked coz noobs run in front of you when they can clearly see your shooting someone. I use threat grenades in those situations to pick off enemies in dodgy spots. as for scorestreaks i like to use UAV with assist points, turret with sentry tho this isnt the best scorestreak but is enemy targeted, assault drone cloaked with rockets and AI and the warbird with AI. I find these to be the best for hardcore at achieving big scores as they are specific to attacking your foes. Once you get they assault drone they cycle extremely quick.. I get miffed when I hear friendly bombing run (it aint that friendly!) or nades get thrown at B when im 75% capturing it. It just is what it is my friend, I adapted my class setup for hardcore and is the best and only advice I can give. I hope this doesnt put you of hardcore and you can start enjoying it again, as I do

  27. hi
    i dont think anybody reads these comments but in case they do how about bringing back the scores on hardcore domination how the hell are you supposed to know how your team is doing and the scoring seems erratic at best just sort this bloody joke of a game out for christ sakes


  29. the EM1 i s dreadfull are u mad son

  30. upgraded SMG means the ASM1 gets better WTF

  31. Scott Matty Mathieson

    All game modes on hardcore

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