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Best Exo Suit Abilities to use in Online Multiplayer – Ranked

Which is the best Exo-suit ability to use in Advanced Warfare? Of course it depends on which game modes / maps you play and also what kind of player you are but we’re going to rank them based on their overall effectiveness.

All Exo abilities are run off a one-time life battery which resets on each death, it is depleted whilst using each ability. Remember you can use Overcharged in Perk 1 to increase the battery life and boost slams. Click next to walkthrough our rankings and find out which one we rated 1st!

8th – Exo Hover

Hover in a place for a short duration.

This isn’t a good ability in our opinion, it essentially leaves you a sitting duck without any real advantage of gaining kills yourself. Whilst playing there hasn’t been many people using this in Online Multiplayer, probably for that reason.

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