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Zombies Mode DLC and new custom content

Zombies Mode DLC and new custom content

Ever fancied playing Advanced Warfare in a full zombie customisation, along with exo-suit? Well now you can, you get Zombie boots, gloves, armour, helmet and face.

How to unlock access to this:

First you must complete exo Survivor mode, including the zombie bonus round.

Players must complete a certain amount of rounds from the four tiers of the challenge, and then play the map Riot.

The Round 11 bonus stage kicks off with a DNA bomb blast in which you must fight off a wave of the undead, before you’re told to evacuate the area. It rolls into a cutscene of you fleeing the area, before finding new trouble.

Zombies Mode Coming to DLC

If the teaser of Zombies wasn’t enough for you, a full zombies game mode is reported to be in the first DLC, which is part of the Season Pass. We’ll cover more information on this as we get it.

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  1. So apparently you do need the season pass to play zombies. Thought you said that wasn’t true?

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