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Updates / Fixes Coming in a Couple More Days

Updates / Fixes Coming in a Couple More Days

Many Advanced Warfare fans have been wondering when the fixes which Sledgehammer Games recently outlined are coming. A tweet reply from Glen Schofield suggests the updates will be here next week on Tuesday 11th or Wednesday 12th November. Of course it is hard to put a deadline on fixes like this, but this is the best estimate we have for a timeframe.

For full details on what exactly will be fixed, click and check this post here.

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  1. Is anything going to happen with double and triple kills??? There almost non existent and its stopping me from getting my diamond BAL. Some one pls reply with an answer.

    • Totally agree. They changed the requirements of multi-kills from kills in quick succession to having to kill multiple enemies at almost the exact same time with no other team death or kill in between and it’s terrible. I had 17 chain killers in black ops 2 and I have 1 fury kill in Advanced Warfare. How do you mess this up that bad?

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