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How to stop Lag / Lagging during online multiplayer

How to stop Lag / Lagging during online multiplayer

Many of you have tweeted complaining of lag during your online multiplayer games in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare.

This can actually be easily fixed and is often a problem at the users end instead.

The quality of your home network is key when trying to have a smooth connection for Advanced Warfare. Here’s our top tips to improve the quality of your internet connection and reduce lag:

  • Disable or reduce the levels of your firewall on your home router, details can be found in your router instruction manual.
  • Enable UPnP on your home router
  • It’s advised that users set port forwarding on their router to the IP address of their console or PC using port 3074 User Datagram Protocol (UDP) and Transmission Control Protocol (TCP). If there is more than one console or PC used for gaming on your home network, you can redirect the second console or PC used for gaming to port 3075 UDP/TCP, a third console or PC used for gaming to port 3076 and so on.
  • Place your console’s IP address into the DMZ of your router
  • Use a wired ethernet cable instead of WIFI, this has been proven to dramatically improve connection and reduce lag.

The tips above should change your NAT type to open. To find out your NAT type go to Multiplayer Menu > Select Options > Select System Info. Click on the category called NAT type, if it’s set to strict or moderate you may have troubles connecting to some games. The ideal setting here is ‘Open’.

If you are still having problems comment below and contact your ISP.

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  1. Ii can’t complete a game, whenever I join one I play about 5 minutes and I lose my connection to xbox live. It’s not my wifi as I can play fifa online.

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