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Leaderboard Issue / Bug – Not Counting after Prestige

Leaderboard Issue / Bug – Not Counting after Prestige

Many of you have complained of an issue with the Online Multiplayer leaderboard where it stops counting after you prestige and the win / loss goes negative.

This probably won’t affect most of you as not many can prestige in just a few days!

Here’s a tweet from Activision’s Support account to show they’re working on a fix.

Comment below if you’re experiencing this issue as well.

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  1. I’ve got the same problem just pristage I’m rank 61 on s-n-d now my score is not counting we pay £££££ for this game and all your games get hacked the lot sort it out nd give me my score on the leaders sort it out NFSE

  2. 360 user here and I was rank #5 in Classic SnD and was wondering why the leaderboards froze after I prestiged. Will the score I’ve gained be added after the fix or will it start over from what I had?

  3. Im having this issue go I recently prestige and was on my way up on Dom and now im going back down after I p restiged because my score every game is not counting and my win loss went down please fix soon with an update. Also can you fix that lobby boosting stuff people be doing they mess up the leader board with that.

  4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xlVInlZXypc <— here is the video on HOW TO FIX this problem / issue / bug ( please bump this thread for more people to see )

  5. same here on xbox one, just noticed today. i was ranked 90th in TD now
    im in the 200s right after i prestiged so this is getting dumb and needs
    to be fixed

  6. that “Fix” only updates ur carreer leaderboard the one nobody cares about…dosent do anything for the game modes so still broken.

  7. The same thing is happening to me.

  8. leaderboards not updateing after prestiged when will there be a fix???????????????????????????????????????????

  9. Leader board bogus not keeping proper stats at all

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