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Error Code: 8224 Online Multiplayer

Error Code: 8224 Online Multiplayer

We’ve been getting lots of tweets at https://twitter.com/CodAWOnline complaining of multiplayer being inaccessible.

The Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare service is not available at this time. Please try again later or visit http://www.callofduty.com/aw/status for updates.

Error Code: 8224

We believe it’s a server issue and that they’re currently down which is causing the error message. We can be confident they’re doing everything they can to get this back working ASAP.

For live updates follow us at https://twitter.com/CodAWOnline

Message below with any troubles you’re having and which platform you’re using.

UPDATE 5th November (23:30 GMT):
The issue seems to have been fixed, for now.

UPDATE 6th November (19:30 GMT):
The issue has reappeared for many users, stay updated here.

UPDATE 10th November (01:30 GMT):
Reports of issue reappearing for many users, we’ll keep you updated.
Info: Appears to be affecting all platforms but PSN is experiencing the most problems.

Or watch the Activision Assist twitter feed.

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  1. Im on ps3 and it constantly freezes during gameplay and also in create a class. I have to restart at least 6 times a day and lose all the things I gained during that game play.

  2. day 2 and server crash already…. typical call of duty

  3. We notice the error has reappeared, we’ll keep everyone updated.

  4. How to stop lagging during online multiplayer: First of all its very important that that the company that releases the game either lets players rent and setup servers (like black ops) or rent them themselves for us to play on (like black ops 2). Now, when one of the players on the map is host IT WILL ALWAYS BE PROBLEMS. This has been tried before and it never works. WHY?????

  5. Checked at 2pm today and it was down, now its close to midnight and guess what still not working..what the H

  6. you guys need to update your site where it says that only xbox one is having some issues…seriously…they ALL are

  7. This is a huge issue with the PC currently, and that’s acceptable for a game just released. What isn’t acceptable is the fact that according to the status website it is “defcon 5” (Aka all good) when it clearly isn’t.

    Activision, I am disappoint.

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