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Co-Op mode reveal coming sooner than we thought?

Co-Op mode reveal coming sooner than we thought?

Is the Co-Op mode closer than we thought? Throughout recent weeks lots of Call of Duty Advanced Warfare information has been leaked and revealed online through various channels including Michael Condrey’s twitter account where he’s been answering questions.

A few days ago IGN had started their month long coverage of Advanced Warfare, releasing new multiplayer information and in future the Co-Op details.

The Co-Op mode reveal may just have been fast-tracked and closer than we thought. Twitter user  tweeted Michael Condrey the following:

Whilst the RT’s were slow to kick off over the first few days, it has now reached over 50,000 RTs with ease.

Recently Michael Condrey acknowledged the achievement in this latest tweet.

They’re going to need “a little time to make it great”, but it sounds like this may have just been fast-tracked.

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