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Online Multiplayer Game Modes

Online Multiplayer Game Modes

Many game modes from previous Call of Duty’s are making a return to Advanced Warfare. The list includes Team Deathmatch, Kill Confirmed, Domination and Search and Destroy. Also returning are Capture the Flag and Hardpoint which have been very popular in the eSports community. This all might sound a little too familiar, but it’s important to remember that the new EXO suit movement and special abilities will completely transform how these game types are played, so we’re eager to get a first hand experience. More exciting news includes two new game modes coming to the Advanced Warfare Multiplayer named Momentum and Uplink.

Below we will go into more depth and summarise each game mode.

Team Deathmatch has been in every Call of Duty and is the most popular. The rules are simple, the only objective of this game is to kill the enemy team and be the team with the highest amount of kills before the 10 minute timer ends. Each kill is worth 1 point and once 75 points is reached the game will end.

Kill Confirmed made its first appearance in Modern Warfare 3 and is loved by many fans. It is similar to Team Deathmatch. When an enemy or teammate is killed they drop a dog tag, the dog tag must be picked up in order to score one point. You can also pick your teammates dog tag to deny the enemy of that point. It is first to 65 tags or the team with the highest amount of tags when the 10 minute timer runs out.

Domination is a game mode for strategy and team work. The objective of Domination is to own all of the control points on the map (A, B and C). There are three of these control points scattered around the map, and are usually found in key strategic locations. To capture a control point, a player must stand near it for about 10 seconds. Once a flag is captured the team will earn one point per flag every five seconds. There are two rounds in this game mode and each round is played for 5 minutes and there is no score limit.

Search and Destroy has also been in every Call of Duty. The goal is for an attacking side to either eliminate the defending team or detonate either one of two bomb sites. The defending team must prevent the attackers from planting the bomb by killing them all, although if the bomb does get planted it can be defused. Players only get one life per round, with most versions of the mode going to a best-of-seven rounds (first to four rounds wins).Once three rounds have been completed each team switches sides to either defend or attack.

Momentum is based on the War game mode originally found in Call of Duty: World at War, it is the COD version of tug of war. Five consecutive capture points exist on the map, but only one is active at a time. The more kills and captures your team get, the faster you are able to capture additional points. Once the other team captures on you, the momentum meter gets reset, so your team needs to be at its best to win.

Uplink is a brand new game mode to the series and is like nothing seen before. It has made a great impression on the fans. Uplink is a fast-paced game mode and requires good teamwork. A neutral satellite link is dropped into the middle of the map, and both teams have to rush to claim it. The first to take control must deliver it to their base, scoring a single point for throwing it into the uplink or two points for EXO jumping into it. The catch is that the satellite carrier can’t fire their weapon, although they do get armor while holding the satelite and can also melee. They can also throw the satellite towards an enemy, forcing them to catch it and drop their gun in the process – letting you shoot them while they are defenseless.

Call of Duty Advanced Warfare are also including a playlist where you can play the traditional style gameplay, this means no exo boosts. They said to a YouTube channel owner, “We do understand that some players would definitely want to go back to the traditional style. For them there will be a traditional playlist which will have all the most loved modes including Team Deathmatch, Capture the Flag and Domination but it will all be played without the exo. There won’t be any boost jumps or other special moves in these modes.”

There are going to be 13 online multiplayer game modes for launch of Advanced Warfare and there will be more to come after launch. These are the only confirmed game modes we have so far, however rumours have been circulating that Demolition could return at a later date after the release. Also the rules of these game modes may change in eSports.

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