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eSports Competitive Online Multiplayer Overview

eSports Competitive Online Multiplayer Overview

Activision have recently revealed brand new multiplayer game play for the next game in the Call of Duty series, Advanced Warfare.  The world famous game developer has been producing the upcoming title for almost three years and fans from across the globe are eagerly anticipating the games release on the 4th November.

When gamers rip off the polythene and frantically slide the disc into their console, they will quickly realise that their world of Call of Duty is about to dramatically change. With the introduction of exoskeleton suits, boost jumps and basketball style game modes, the experience just became much more thrilling.

But what do these changes mean to the competitive scene and for eSports in general? The professional scene for Call of Duty is growing like wildfire with LAN (Local area network) events seeing a huge rise in participants and the spectators at home are becoming increasingly entertained by seeing their favourite pro team take down their fiercest rivals.

Fans and pro’s alike have been left wanting however with the latest release in the Call of Duty franchise, Ghosts. The game never really delivered with the game modes, gameplay or general entertainment value but the guys at Sledgehammer Games have vouched to change all that. Advanced Warfare will see the return of fan favourite game modes hardpoint and capture the flag, alongside a new game type, uplink. Advanced Warfare also promises to offer much more exciting action with the ability for players to dash, double jump, cloak or boost their way to the next kill.

The changes that Sledgehammer have implemented with the exoskeleton suit will change the way that competitive games are played. The exo suits have built in abilities that can increase health or speed, deploy shields, activate a cloak, become a walking trophy system and much more. These pioneering type mechanics have recently been displayed at the latest Gamescom reveal in Cologne where pro players from various continents got to field-test Sledgehammers innovative ideas during live gameplay.

If we take a step back from the actual gameplay for a second, we will be able to see what things the developers at Sledgehammer have done to help the continual growth of eSports. Advanced Warfare will see the return of a ranked playlist where players can play a competitive game mode against other players and rank up or earn achievements.  The game will also implement a ‘pick 13’ system, similar to Black Ops 2’s ‘pick 10’ system which allows players to customise their loadouts with a variety of guns, abilities and equipment.

All these changes are promising for an exciting year for eSports and competitive Call of Duty for the fans and for the players. If you can’t wait to get your hands on the game, Activision are releasing a ‘day zero’ edition of the game where the avid fan can get the game a day early and that boost on the competition.

How important is the eSports scene to you and you pleased with the competitive features, comment below.

By Stephen Gaskell (@xPingasurus)

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