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Scorestreaks and Perks Overview – Online Multiplayer

Scorestreaks and Perks Overview – Online Multiplayer

A lot of Call of Duty Advanced Warfare online multiplayer news and information has been circulating around the internet in the last week. A lot of the games features are returning from the fan favourite Black Ops 2, including the return of the pick system which has been extended from Pick 10 to Pick 13. For those that might have missed Black Ops 2, the Pick 10 system works by giving players 10 points to spend within their class set up. Each piece of equipment that a player wants to use costs a point; whether it’s a gun, grenade, secondary or perk. Also there are wildcards which work as modifiers and cost a point themselves. If you want to bring two primary guns into multiplayer that’s fine but it will cost you a wildcard, or in other words, an extra point. The genius behind the Pick 13 is that it now includes score streaks. If you’re a player that doesn’t get many score streaks you may opt out of using any and by doing this save yourself 3 points you can use towards equipment. If you dominate the game and usually have massive scores, you may want to use a wildcard and bring 4 score streaks into the game. By doing this however you will use 5 points on streaks and only have 8 left for equipment. This adds a ton of depth to Advanced Warfare’s customisation and makes for a huge number of possible classes and play styles.

As mentioned above, Score streaks are returning to Call of Duty. Score streaks are great because everything you do in game creates score. This score can be used to call in support for you and your team as you play, much like kill streaks of older games. A kill, an assist, a flag cap, a bomb plant, or anything else you do to help your team during a multiplayer match will add score towards your streak. There has been a change to score streaks for Advanced Warfare as now each streak can be modified. Let’s say for example you have a UAV set as a score streak. This will cost you 400 score points to call out but if you modify it, the UAV will cost more but have extra abilities. Some modifications for the UAV are: Extra assist points when called out for 150 extra points (making a UAV score streak of 550). For 300 extra points the UAV will show all enemies on mini map for 10 seconds after calling it in (making the score streak total 700). These are just two examples of modifiers.

Also with this game being set in the future, we now have soldiers equipped with high powered exo suits. These exo suits can also be equipped with special abilities that are listed below. Some of them have been used in previous games as perks but categorising them differently within the exo suit is done to bring more balance to the game.

All currently known Call of Duty Advanced Warfare perks are listed below in 3 categories based on perk slot colour. Wildcards, Exo suit abilities and known score streaks are also listed below. Reminder that all of this is subject to change before the actual game is released.

Red Perk Slot 1:  

  • Lightweight – Increased movement speed
  • Low Profile – Invisible to UAV’s and Tracking Rounds
  • Danger Close – Increased explosive and score streak damage
  • Overcharged – Extends your Exo Ability battery life and shocks enemies on impact of a boost slam
  • Flak Jacket – Reduced damage taken from explosives. No slowdown from explosive damage. Reset grenades on throwback

Blue Perk Slot 2:

  • Peripherals – Increases mini-map coverage (bigger mini map). Take out enemies without displaying death icons
  • Blind Eye – Undetectable by tracking drones, explosive drones and all scorestreaks except the UAV
  • Cold Blooded – Immune to thermal, target enhancer, threat grenade, and enemy call outs. No name displayed or reticle colour change when enemies aim at you.
  • Fast Hands – Reload while sprinting. Swap Weapons, use exo abilities and use exo launcher faster.
  • Gung-Ho – Fire while sprinting or sliding

Yellow Perk Slot 3:

  • Toughness – Reduced flinch when shot
  • Scavenger – Start with extra magazines and resupply bullet ammo from dead enemies
  • Blast Suppressor – Don’t show on mini-map when using exo movements
  • Hard Wired – immune to system hack, EMP, Nano Swarms, Stun Grenades and Scramblers
  • Hardline – Decreases scorestreak cost by 100

Exo Suit Abilities:

  • Shield – a quick-deploy shield attached to your exo’s arm
  • Overclock – Increased foot speed
  • Stim – Temporarily generate health beyond normal levels
  • Cloak – Visually conceal yourself for a short duration
  • Hover – Hover in place for a short duration
  • Ping – Show enemy exo movement and weapons fire in your HUD
  • Trophy System – Destroys incoming grenades and rockets


  • Overkill – Take a primary weapon in your secondary weapon slot
  • Primary Gunfighter – Take a third primary attachment
  • Secondary Gunfighter – Take a second secondary attachment
  • Perk 1 Greed – Take a second Perk 1
  • Perk 2 Greed – Take a second Perk 2
  • Perk 3 Greed – Take a second Perk 3
  • Tactician – Take an exo ability in your exo launcher slot
  • Bombardier – Take an exo launcher in your exo ability slot
  • Streaker – Take a fourth scorestreak

Currently Known Score Streaks and Base Score Needed to Call out

  • UAV- 400 points
  • Aerial Recon Drone – 400 points
  • Orbital Care Package – 500 points
  • Aerial Assault Drone – 550 points
  • System Hack – 600 points
  • Remote Turret – 600 points
  • XS1 Vulcan – 600 points
  • Missile Strike – 600 points
  • Bombing Run – 700 points
  • Warbird – 800 points
  • XS1 Goliath – 800 points
  • Paladin – 1000 points


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