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Everything we know so far – Call of Duty Advanced Warfare

Everything we know so far – Call of Duty Advanced Warfare

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare has been building up speed around social media and internet forums ever since it was leaked a few days before the planned reveal of May 4th.

We know this is the next sequel in the Call of Duty franchise due to be released later this year. The game is set in 2054 where PMCs (Private military corporations) take a huge role, Atlas founded by Johnaton Irons (Kevin Spacey) is at the forefront and you are one of it’s advanced soldiers (Private Mitchell).

Big Game Changes:

  • Brand New gameplay engine – for the first time since Call of Duty 2
  • New audio engine
  • New Gameplay mechanics – such as boost jumps, grappling, covert cloaking and biomechanics (not confirmed yet for online multiplayer)
  • More investment and a bigger focus on integrating competitive gaming
  • Brand new co-op mode (no details on this yet)

Next-Gen and Current-Gen

Sledgehammer games are concentrating purely on Next-Gen consoles such as Playstation 4, Xbox One & PC. We can expect the next-gen version to be a much bigger leap this year compared to Call of Duty: Ghosts which had only marginal improvements over current-gen last year.

The game will also be available for Xbox 360 and Playstation 3, however the studio working on these versions are yet to be announced.

Release Date:

  • November 4th, 2014

What are your thoughts on Advanced Warfare, will you be buying it?

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